About DFW Prep & Ship

We're here for you!

We are Amazon Sellers and as our business grew we realized we needed to outsource our inventory prepping and shipping to Amazon for FBA fulfillment.

We wanted to use a prep center but found there weren’t any in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area for Retail Arbitrage products and it was taking a huge amount of time to get them all prepped and shipped into Amazon. We’re actively involved in several Amazon Seller groups and found our friends in the DFW area were having the same challenges as we were having. No one really enjoys prepping and shipping their RA products!

We knew it would be a big challenge, but it was a huge need, so we decided to start DFW Prep & Ship to serve our DFW family of Amazon sellers. You can’t grow by doing everything yourself and we will do what we can to help your business grow to the next level.

We offer a HIGH-QUALITY experience because we know there are two main things that directly affect your business and your seller performance ratings:

  1. How fast your products are shipped into Amazon
  2. How your Amazon FBA products are prepped


To be successful you need to be competitive by getting your products shipped and sold as quick as possible and ensure your products are prepped to the specifications set by Amazon. We are dedicated to make this part of your business streamlined so you don’t have to stop sourcing to get products shipped out.

To your success!