1. Sign Up

Click on our Sign Up form and we’ll work on getting everything you need to get us setup to ship your inventory for you.

2. Sub-Accounts Created in Amazon and/or Inventory Lab

Once your account has been approved we’ll e-mail you detailed instructions on the process. We cannot see your financial information on either account. These accounts are needed in order for us to process and prepare your inventory from start to finish to give you a completely hands-off experience.

3. Receive Inventory

You have two options:

    1. Dropoff at our location – FREE
    2. Schedule a pick-up and we’ll come to you and pick up your inventory at your location. (Free for 250+ items and $25 for 249 items or less) 
Schedule a drop off or pick up now through our Calendar.


4. Inspect and Prep

The more time your product spends in prep, the more revenue you lose. That’s why we begin the FBA prep process as your products get to our prep center. We inspect, remove price tag, label with Barcode and Expiration Date, and cover any additional UPCs.

Each item is prepped per Amazon’s detailed requirements. Including polybag and/or bubble wrapping each item.

5. Create Shipping Plan in Seller Central, or Inventory Lab, & Create Shipping Labels

Now that your items are ready for sending to an Amazon Fulfillment Center we’ll create a shipping plan in either Seller Central or your Inventory Lab Account. We then box your items and provide box content information to Amazon and then shipping labels are created. Your order will be on its way to Amazon in no time!

6. Ship to Amazon

Your order is on its way to a dedicated Amazon Fulfillment Center. You’ll be notified when your order has left our prep center and is closed out in our system. A specific shipping plan name will be used so you can easily identify shipments that we process for you.


You just outsourced and streamlined your FBA Prep & Ship Process. No more dealing with tape or boxes!

Click here to schedule a drop off or pick up now through our Calendar.